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Watch Fake Identity Episode 2 For Free On Gogoa...

One of the best parts of watching The Masked Singer is deciphering each contestant's clue packages to figure out their true celebrity identity. While there have been plenty of easy calls (Gronk, who were you trying to fool?) sometimes the show successfully pulls one over on us.

Watch Fake Identity Episode 2 for free on gogoa...

"I've been watching since the first episode, because the first episode, when it came on I knew it was T-Pain," Lil Wayne said. "Because of that I told [Young Money president Mack Maine] to call them. I told him, 'Let 'em know I'm a huge fan' and I wanted to get Nicki on there. I was like, 'Tell 'em I would love to get Nicki on there.' And it came back like, 'Man, they want you on there.'" 041b061a72


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