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Geometry Dash World Unlocked Editor Apk

In this game, we are waiting for unique adventures, dangerous levels, and a friendly match reminiscent of childhood. Take a square character with your hands and lead him only forward, bypassing the treacherous traps, ambushes, big thorns, and enemies who got in your way. Go on trips to different locations of the game, discover all new ones, and solve all the secrets of the world of geometry. If you are a fan and expect to see a radically updated gameplay, you will have to disappoint everything as in the 1st part.

2.Geometry dash World. You have probaly heard about this trick where you can enter the 2.2 editor. You make a new level then upload and download it. Open it in GD world and copy the level. Edit it, and you have the 2.2 editor.

geometry dash world unlocked editor apk

4. GD 2.2 lite (by blaze). This is a model of the geometry dash 2.2 that you are going to have in a few years or mabey never. Some parts are not finished like Versus or the new Robtop levels. Be careful most of the stuff might crash the game. Download ------> _betatest_121.apk/file


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