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How to Save Time and Money with Mail Attachment Downloader Pro Crack

Download and save all your email attachments in a snap!Easily search, download, extract and save emails with attachments with simple setup. Does not require or depend on any other email client to be installed and it works with most email service providers out of the box. Mail Attachment Downloader securely downloads and processes all your email attachments at-once based on your search preference.

mail attachment downloader pro crack


Easily search, download, extract and save emails with attachments with simple setup. Does not require or depend on any other email client to be installed and it works with most email service providers out of the box.

Mail Attachment Downloader securely downloads and processes all your email attachments at-once based on your search preference. Leave all your mail on your server -- it does not interfere with any other email programs you use today to download your mail. You can setup various filters, like size, file type, who it is from, subject of email, date and time stamp, to specify what you want to download.

Mail Attachment Downloader can download your attachments from any standard IMAP (preferred), any POP3 capable mail server or any Microsoft Exchange compatible server (such as on-prem Exchange or Office 365).

"With just a few clicks, you're able to set the app to create a new folder for each person who has sent you attachments and then download them based on size, file type, email address, date range, and text in the email."

Mail Attachment Downloader can be configured to automatically download attachments with a specific frequency like every fifteen minutes. Mail Attachment Downloader PRO Server lets you run this as a service without the need for a logged in user on the system. So as long as the system is up and running, emails and attachemnts will be automatically saved for you.

You can now automate and audit mail attachment processing for your business by purchasing the PRO version that includes several additional features to enable this including the ability to simultaneously download from multiple email accounts.

When you install the Service, the service will only install and download attachments for the Email account you've selected from the dropdown with the same settings you have for that email account.

The program identifies new mail based on when it last successfully downloaded attachments. So when you run it for the first time, since no attachments have been downloaded yet, it will download all mail attachments in your email inbox after which it will only scan for mail attachments that arrive from thereon (including read and unread mail). The default setting will only download messages since last download including unread mails that have not been downloaded by the program. IMPORTANT: If you switch this setting to All mail at any time, any state will be lost and the next time you select messages since last download it will download from the start again. To avoid this, select a date filter (see FAQ below titled "How do I download from a given date?"). Subsequent runs by clicking the 'Connect And Download' button will download remaining mail attachments that have not been downloaded yet until it has downloaded all attachments till the present day.

If you you want to re-download the same attachments that the program had already downloaded in the past, choose Search -> Check In -> All mail. You may also want to check the Inline Content checkbox if you want to download attachments that are inlined. For certain types of mail servers this will be checked by default.

Please read through the description here first for Global filters. Rules have the following components: Filters, Extractions, Save location/format and Actions. If the filters defined inside the rule matches an attachment or email body, then the file (which could be the body of the email) is saved in the specified save location and format inside the rule. Once the file is saved, the various actions are run. Rules are run from top/down order and ordering is important.

It lets you save email bodies and attachments to more than just one folder by defining email rules, perform actions such as copy/move emails or attachments after download, file format conversion, extracting data from emails or attachments, saving email data to databases, sending an email response, convert emails to PDF, TIFF and over 50+ formats! PRO Server lets you run as a Windows Service. The possibilites are endless and we have many happy customers to prove it. Start exploring the powerful features today!

The product works by running multiple rules in the global filters tab for multiple accounts . If a rule matches for an email or attachment, the program first saves the email or attachment in a custom format or folder you specify and then runs through the actions you have specified inside the rule.

  • For an example of how multiple accounts, multiple rules and actions can be setup in the PRO editions refer to this blog post. Your browser does not support the video tag. Key Features Overview PRO Pricing and Purchase Options OverviewMultiple accounts, folders and nested actions!Copy, Move, Delete, Mark as read emails

  • Extract Data from emails

  • Convert to 50+ formats

  • Database integration

  • Send emails (template)

  • Download http links

  • PDF tools

  • CSV or Excel Attachments

  • Sharepoint integration

  • Nest actions such as unzip file, automatically print and many more...!

  • Windows Server and Windows Service

  • History and charting

  • Error Handling

  • Developer SDK and custom actions

  • Save emails (including the body) or attachments from multiple accounts to customizable folders or shares based on rule filters with specific criteria (such as matching email subject or email from and more) with ease. Include any part of the email or header in the filename or a custom directory hierarchy. Completely customizable save format and folder structure. Build your own custom auto-created directory structure from data extracted from the email or the attachment.

  • Run multiple actions after download or even chain or nest actions such as unzipping an email attachment, printing it or converting to different formats as required. Mark emails as read, delete email, move email to different folders after downloading the email or attachments. Extract any data from emails or attachments and transform it into fields that can then be used in save locations or filenames or in a database and more. Also auto-respond or send emails after downloading emails or attachments with a template and use information from the email or other actions.

  • Convert emails or attachments into over 50+ formats and save to specific folders or take further actions after conversion. Powerful PDF functionality lets you do pretty much anything with emails and PDF. You can even encrypt or decrypt PDF files and also merge or split PDF files giving great power. Merge the email body along with the converted attachments into a single PDF!

  • Need to integrate emails with a database? PRO Server can do just that. You can lookup information from a database based on email contents or extracted fields or save emails to a database and then take further actions based on that information. You can extract contents of the email or headers and append it to a daily CSV file. Extract and save CSV or Excel attachments and add them into a database table!

  • Do you need to do something custom after downloading emails? You can use our our PRO Server SDK (recommended) or run custom scripts or programs after download to send emails or attachments to a back-end system by passing fields from the email or those that were extracted as arguments.

  • Need to run the workflow 24x7 unattended? Configure your rules and then install the program as a Windows Service on a Windows Server. You can also easily backup and restore program settings from one system to another to ensure your workflows are always running.

Save emails or attachments from multiple email accounts to specific folders or shares based on rule filters with specific criteria (such as matching email subject or email from and more) with ease.

Filters can be based on date, any field in the email (like FROM, TO, SUBJECT etc.) with partial match or full match capability including regular expressions and conditional logic (like 'email1' OR 'email2'). Filters can also check for number of attachments in the email and many more.

If no attachments or filters match, you can add a 'catch-all' rule. Rules are ordered top-down and can be reordered by dragging and dropping. By placing all your rules that are specific to emails or attachments above the catch-all run you will ensure the catch-all runs last and can take necessary action (like sending an email to the sender saying the attachment doesn't exist).

The program can connect to many popular ODBC compatible databases and automatically create a table in the database of your choosing with default fields to add into. You can optionally choose to store the attachment in a BLOB field if you need to. Also, if you extracted certain text from the email, you can save these to new columns that you can create as the SQL is completely customizable.

Do you receive a lot of tabular data via automated reports via email? Wish you could just archive those for later use? Look no further, with powerful CSV/Excel capability, the program can extract this data from the email attachment and then provides you a function to save this off to a database table. It will append rows to that table every time you get an attachment.

You can lookup database information by using the email data as a filter (for example, lookup the USER_ID for the EMAIL_FROM). The data from the lookup will become fields (within braces) that you can then use in subsequent download actions for that email or attachment.


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