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[202] see, brown v. mortgage elec. registration sys., inc., 826 f.3d 1101, 1104 (7th cir. 2016) (holding that the district court applied the wrong standard in deciding whether the plaintiffs belief was sincere, when it required her to prove that she held that belief as a religious tenet or doctrine and instead should have considered whether she held that belief sincerely).

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[230] as the supreme court has explained, generally, a law that is neutral and of general applicability need not be justified by a compelling government interest to survive a free exercise clause attack. graham v. ctr. for first amendment free expression, 822 f.3d 1244, 1247 (10th cir. 2016) (relying on church of lukumi babalu aye, inc. v. hialeah, 508 u.s. 520, 546 (1993)); johnson v. bd. of regents, 269 f.3d 977, 985 (10th cir. 2001) (noting that generally, to survive a free exercise clause attack, a law need not have a compelling government interest to survive a free exercise clause attack).

[204] grueninger v. owens, 613 f.3d 1133, 1135 (10th cir. 2010) (quoting id) (noting that the supreme court has never held that adherence to the central tenets of a religious faith triggers constitutional protections, let alone a right to equal protection of the laws).

[7] see eeoc v. pacific press publishing assn., 676 f.2d 1272, 1276 (9th cir. 1982) (affirming district court holding, based on the legislative history of the 1972 amendments, that the term "religion" did not include "philosophy, ethics or morals"), cert. denied, 459 u.s. 1105 (1983).


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