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Can You Buy Plan B Under 18 BETTER

Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of people worldwide. Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit under EIN 13-1644147. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable under the law.

can you buy plan b under 18

Q. Is Plan B One-Step an abortifacient (causing abortion)?A. No. Plan B One-Step will not work if a person is already pregnant, meaning it will not affect an existing pregnancy. Plan B One-Step prevents pregnancy by acting on ovulation, which occurs well before implantation. Evidence does not support that the drug affects implantation or maintenance of a pregnancy after implantation, therefore it does not terminate a pregnancy. is managed by Texas Legal Services Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. TLSC provides free legal services to underserved Texans in need of education, advice, and representation.

To be eligible for premium-free Part A, an individual must be entitled to receive Medicare based on their own earnings or those of a spouse, parent, or child. To receive premium-free Part A, the worker must have a specified number of quarters of coverage (QCs) and file an application for Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) benefits. The exact number of QCs required is dependent on whether the person is filing for Part A on the basis of age, disability, or End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). QCs are earned through payment of payroll taxes under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) during the person's working years. Most individuals pay the full FICA tax so the QCs they earn can be used to meet the requirements for both monthly Social Security benefits and premium-free Part A.

NOTE: Individuals who were terminated from Part A 36 months after receiving a kidney transplant may be eligible for the Part B Immunosuppressive Drug benefit. Learn more about Part B Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage.

The IEP is a 7-month period that begins 3 months before the month a person turns 65, their birthday month and ends 3 months after the person turns 65. For someone under age 65 who becomes entitled to Medicare based on disability, entitlement begins with the 25th month of disability benefit entitlement. For these individuals, the IEP begins 3 months before the 25thmonth of disability benefit entitlement, includes the 25thmonth, and ends three months after. The IEP for people with ESRD and ALS varies based on their situation.

Individuals who do not enroll in Part B or premium Part A when first eligible because they were covered under a group health plan based on their own or a spouse's current employment (or the current employment of a family member, if disabled) may enroll during this SEP.

The individual can enroll at any time while covered under the group health plan based on current employment, or during the 8-month period that begins the month the employment ends or the group health plan coverage ends, whichever comes first.

Individuals who do not enroll in Part B or premium Part A when first eligible due to misrepresentation or reliance on incorrect information provided by their employer or group health plan (GHP), agents or brokers of health plans, or any person authorized to act on behalf of such entity may enroll using this SEP.

Individuals and married couples with an income over a certain limit must pay a higher premium for Part B and an extra amount for Part D coverage in addition to their Part D plan premium. This additional amount is called income-related monthly adjustment amount. Less than 5 percent of people with Medicare are affected, so most people will not pay a higher premium. Visit the Medicare Parts A & B Income Related Adjustment Amounts page for information about income limits.

Men aged 18 or older will also be able to buy the drug for their partner, a move that has raised concern that they may buy it for women under 18. It will not be sold at petrol stations or in convenience stores. The manufacturer, Barr Pharmaceuticals, will survey pharmacies to see that they follow the rules.

Reporters called several locations of each store. Most had Plan B in stock. A few locations were out of stock or only had off brand emergency contraceptives because of a spike in demand, but the stores were planning to re-stock.

This state-by-state guide can give you a summary of the relevant birth control laws where you live. Some cities may even have laws different from their states, so do research before making a plan of action.

Hormonal birth control such as the birth control pill needs to be prescribed by a medical provider. Making an appointment with your doctor, gynecologist, or local health clinic can set you on the path to getting the prescription you need as soon as possible. Some clinics even offer plans for women who need assistance paying for their birth control.

On January 3, the FDA approved a protocol to allow pharmacies that have been certified by the manufacturers to dispense mifepristone directly to the patients, with a prescription. Previously, the pills could be dispensed only by a certified healthcare provider and were not available through a retail pharmacy. Three-quarters of adults (73%) have not heard anything in the news about the decision, including nearly eight in ten (77%) women under the age of 50.

Aid to Aged Blind and Disabled (AABD) Medical covers seniors, persons who are blind and persons with disabilities with income up to 100 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) and no more than $2,000 of non-exempt resources (one person). Federal matching funds are available under Medicaid for these individuals. More information on how to apply for these programs may be found on the Department of Human Services Website

The All Kids and FamilyCare programs are comprised of five plans: FamilyCare/All Kids Assist; All Kids Share; All Kids Premium Level 1; All Kids Premium Level 2; and Moms and Babies. Children are eligible through 18 years of age. Adults must be either a parent or caretaker relative with a child under 18 years of age living in their home, or be a pregnant woman. For all plans, non-pregnant adults must live in Illinois and be U.S. citizens or legal permanent immigrants in the country for a minimum of five years. Children and pregnant women must live in Illinois and are eligible regardless of citizenship or immigration status. For more information visit the All Kids and FamilyCare Websites.

FamilyCare/All Kids Assist provides a full range of health benefits to eligible children 18 years of age and younger, and their parents or caretaker relatives. To be eligible, children must live in families with countable family income within 147 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL). The parents/caretaker relatives are eligible for coverage if the countable income is up to 138% FPL. Children covered under All Kids Assist have no co-payments or premiums. FamilyCare Assist parents have a co-payment per medical service or prescription received.

Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities (HBWD) covers persons with disabilities who work and have earnings up to 350 percent of the FPL who buy-in to Medicaid by paying a small monthly premium. Eligible people may have up to $25,000 in non-exempt resources. Retirement accounts and medical savings accounts are exempt. Federal matching funds are available under Medicaid for these benefits. Comprehensive program information, as well as a downloadable application can be found on the HBWD Website.

Medicare Cost Sharing covers the cost of Medicare Part B premiums, coinsurance, and deductibles for Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMB) with incomes up to 100 percent of the FPL. Medicare cost sharing covers only the cost of Medicare Part B premiums only for persons with incomes over 100 percent of the FPL but less than 135 percent of the FPL under the Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries (SLIB) or Qualifying Individuals (QI) programs. Resources are limited to $7,280 for a single person and $10,930 for a couple. The federal government shares in the cost of this coverage. Additional information on the Medicare Cost Sharing program can be found on the HFS Medical Brochures page.

State Renal Dialysis Program covers the cost of renal dialysis services for eligible persons who have chronic renal failure and are not eligible for coverage under Medicaid or Medicare. This program does not cover a comprehensive array of health services. Eligibility for the program is reviewed and determined on an annual basis. Participants must be a resident of Illinois, and meet citizenship requirements. The program assists eligible patients who require lifesaving care and treatment for chronic renal disease, but who are unable to pay for the necessary services on a continuing basis. The program covers treatment in a dialysis facility, treatment in an outpatient hospital setting and home dialysis, including patients residing in a long-term care facility. Individuals determined eligible for the program may be responsible for paying a monthly participation fee based on family income, medical expenses and liabilities, family members, and other contributing factors. All participation fees are paid directly to the dialysis center that provided the treatment. These benefits are financed entirely with state funds. Individuals may learn more or download an application at State Renal Dialysis Program

Veterans Care provides comprehensive healthcare to uninsured veterans under age 65 who were not dishonorably discharged from the military, are income eligible, and are not eligible for federal healthcare through the U.S Veterans Administration. Eligible individuals pay a monthly premium of either $40 or $70 depending on their income. Veterans may apply for Veterans Care by either downloading an application from the Web site, or by going to their local Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs Office. The Department of Healthcare and Family Services determines eligibility, notifies the Veteran and handles the premium payments. Individuals may learn more about this program on the Illinois Veterans Care Web site. 041b061a72


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