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Margaret Mead: The Making Of An American Icon

[Nancy C. Lutkehaus has] written an illuminating book--more a sociohistorical portrait than a birth-to-death biography--that examines how Margaret Mead became an American icon.---Laurence A. Marschall, Natural HistoryLutkehaus provides a fair and fascinating account of her multifaceted subject, making this as intriguing and thought-provoking a biography as one could wish for.---Guy Cook, Times Higher EducationFor those interested in the history of science, the nature of celebrity and fame, and the roles of women in anthropology, Lutkehaus's volume is a welcome and important addition to our understanding of the place of professions and noteworthy professionals in American society and culture.---Nancy J. Parezo, American Historical ReviewIn 1972, college student Lutkehaus worked a year for Margaret Mead. Experiencing the variety of Mead's roles as a mature anthropologist herself, she decided to analyze that best-known U.S. anthropologist. Her book presents Mead as American icon, modern woman, anthropologist, woman scientist, celebrity, and posthumous public anthropologist.---A.B. Kehoe, ChoiceLutkehaus effectively and perceptively examines Mead's impact (both subtle and overt) on anthropology and American popular culture from the 1928 publication of her first book, Coming of Age in Samoa, to the present day. With its fresh approach, this work is a valuable addition to the body of literature on Mead. Highly recommended for anthropology and popular culture collections in academic and large public libraries.---Elizabeth Salt, Library JournalFor readers interested in scientists as public intellectuals, celebrities, popularizers, social activists, and academic superstars, Lutkehaus's book offers an important refinement of a discussion begun in Rae Goodell's The Visible Scientists.---Virginia Yans, ISISThis book is perfectly focused, richly researched, filled with incidents and evidence and insightful interviews, and written as a story that certainly held this reader. It is a treasure, full of history and insights. . . . I think Mead would have liked this solidly researched and convincingly interpreted book, and I think she deserved it. I think she would think that she chose well when she chose Lutkehaus as her assistant half a century ago.---Dorothy K. Billings, Current AnthropologyIn this wonderfully illustrated book, Lutkehaus . . . carries off the narrative and the analysis of Mead's 'iconicity' with learning, clarity, and panache.---Howard Brick, Museum Anthropology ReviewLutkehaus's engagingly written study of the iconic status of Margaret Mead in America is indispensable for thinking about the relationship between public intellectual academics and broader cultural trends.---Neil Mclaughlin, ContextsThis meticulously researched book makes a significant contribution to the history of twentieth century American liberal thought and public opinion. . . . The book is a great read, entertaining as well as informative. It makes skilful and pointed use of photographs, advertisements, illustrations and cartoons to amplify its subject.---Penelope Schoeffel Meleisea, Pacific Affairs

Margaret Mead: The Making of an American Icon



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