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Orphan Black 2x3 UPD

Unable to provide for them and knowing the danger the children were in, she gave them away. Sarah became an orphan and was eventually taken in by Mrs. S, while Helena was given to a convent in Ukraine.

Orphan Black 2x3

In the season 3 premiere, Helena has a vivid dream in which all of her sisters are celebrating the impending birth of her child with a baby shower. The dream turns into a nightmare however, when a black scorpion crawls out of her stomach. Helena wakes with a start in a large wooden crate. She panics when she sees the scorpion, though she has seen it before. It tells her that she is being tested again. Towards the end of the episode, the scorpion tells her to picture a "box inside a box, inside a box." As she is released from the crate, the scorpion (which only she can see) congratulates her on escaping the "first box".

That Angie DeAngie sure is tenacious. She has Vic snooping around for more dirt on the Hendrixes. But Vic being Vic, he's terrible at it and he blows his cover. Donnie lays the smackdown on Angie's unsanctioned investigation with a little blackmail and a nice exit line. 041b061a72


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