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Worlds.dat: The Ultimate Resource for Far Cry 2 Customization

This document describes the Worlds.dat file format. While this file format may be intended for Far Cry 2, it is in no way specific to Far Cry 2. It is a primitive text format, that can be used by anyone. Using this format, players of all Far Cry games can share environments with each other.

Far Cry 2 Worlds.dat

The Far Cry 2 worlds.dat file contains the location data for all of the Far Cry 2 worlds. I generated the starting location for each level by hand and attached the level to the data. You should find that the location data has been auto-filled out for each of the level locations.

Note: Each "Name" field has a specific location name associated with it. The keys are not any of the normal Ubisoft or Far Cry 2 identifiers. These are actual keys that I created for the worlds.dat file.

Ive gone ahead and added a level to the worlds.dat file. The level is designed to be fairly tough. There is no way to go back, and the only way to advance is to start a new game. So be careful when going through it.

To open the information window, you can either double-click the index.html file, or you can run the Far Cry 2 Worlds.dat. To open the console, you must run the Far Cry 2 Worlds.dat file with the -console command-line option.

To display the supported languages, load the Far Cry 2 Worlds.dat file. You will find "Console Use: Far Cry 2 Worlds.dat" in the Far Cry 2 World.dat file. To change the supported languages, use the "Supported Languages" option in this file.

In Far Cry 2, the mission starts with the player bringing the four factions aboard the Helicopter, and the only objectives they have are to pilot the helicopter, and to follow the terrain like normal; Even if you fail a mission, the money you give will be saved in Worlds.dat. The map editor offers you the ability to create your own maps, and you're able to change the mission objectives on the fly. So, if you're bored of the missions, you're able to change them yourself.


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