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Experience the Thrill of Managing a Top Club with Real Football Manager 2013 APK

Real Football Manager 2013 is the fourth manager game in the Real Football series and the first one since the 2010 edition. It contains 13 leagues, the same as in the previous release: top two from England, Italy, Spain, Germany and France as well as the premier divisions of Portugal, Argentina and Brazil. The game has largely the same features as the other release in the series. Like with Real Football 2013 there are two different versions. For phones with buttons the game uses the traditional portrait mode with an isometric camera while for devices with higher resolutions and touch screens the game uses an elevated side view perspective.

real football manager 2013 apk

Real Football is a mobile phone sports video game franchise with gameplay emulating football. The series is developed and published by Gameloft. The Real Football series started in the mid-2000s with Real Football 2004, which was free on some mobile phones. As of 2016, a new installment of the series has been published every year. The games feature both national teams and local clubs, and allow the player to play in various "real-life" cups. Real Football 2008 was the first in the series to be published on more than just mobile phones, as a Nintendo DS version was also produced. Real Football 2009 added an iOS version, and expanded the team lineup. Real Football 2012 added an Android version.[citation needed] Real Football 2018 was the last game in the series to be released on Java ME.

FM13 features similar gameplay to that of the Football Manager series. Gameplay consists of taking charge of a professional[a] association football team, as the team manager. Players can sign football players to contracts, manage finances for the club, and give team talks to players. FM13 is a simulation of real world management, with the player being judged on various factors by the club's AI owners and board.[5]


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