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Dmp Remote Link Software

Smartflow provides an enabling technology that covers the vast majority of automation equipment on the market today. With the integration of their standalone software and PCI cards, Smartflow software provides comprehensive interface automation (AIP), monitoring, and diagnostics, along with device interfacing and data collection for asset specific configuration.

Dmp Remote Link Software

A java-based remote control utility allows a computer to be controlled via a serial-based protocol from anywhere. This could be as simple as controlling the on/off state of a computer with a button on the computer itself, or controlling a mouse, or moving a cursor, or refreshing the browser in a browser remote control, but with a very familiar command line. The most obvious use is to execute commands on the remote system. The idea is the same as running chntpw on a computer, except that this is a remote control utility and gives you more control with the functions included. This should be a fairly straightforward application of using Java and a connected serial port. The remote control application can be opened and closed without a connection as often as required.

This is designed to run on a laptop or desktop or any network-connected computer. The Remote Logon Service allows users to remotely logon to an account on any computer running the server. After correctly identifying the domain and local user accounts of the remote system, the "server" logs on to the remote system without the need to provide any credentials. Using the built-in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities, the server then initiates (via SSO) a remote login to the account using the existing credentials.


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